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experiment. 16.12.



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winter time ♥ 12.12.

もうすぐクリスマスだー♥ 僕の大好きな季節だ!どこ見てもかわいい飾りがかけてて、外は寒くて家の中はごぢんまり。ワクワク!!今年はあんまり実家に行かなくてクリマスツリーも見てない;; はやく帰ったらいいなー!今日は伯父の誕生日でゲントに行って一緒に祝った!てか、一日中甥とPS3でCall of Dutyやってた >w< ルーヴァンもクリスマス・マートで中心部で小さな可愛い露店が出てきた!いつか友達と生きたいなー♪

これ露店で売ってるでっかいmarzipan cakeだ!>w<

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遊び☆ 11.12.

会うのは初めてだったけどその前もめっちゃ仲良かった!最初に違うバスに乗って迷っちゃった>w< すごい時間かかったなそれ、ごみません!後は買い物してから和風鍋を作った!!味がちょっと薄かったけどな;;


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weiss 06.12.

lately i’ve been hanging out with my best friend more and more. we play video games and laugh so much every time. i also go out running a lot, and my mood hasn’t been this good in a while. tomorrow i’m going to eat susi with best friend and friends!! i got requested for legal interpreting again, but i’m so scared i’ll mess up again, i said i was too busy haha.. i won’t go back there until mom teaches me some decent armenian…
i wouldn’t mind falling in love, but i’m not even feeling lonely. it’s really good to be by myself again.

life’s on a high right now =]

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Harmonia〜見果てぬ地へ〜 04.12.

i love this song so so much. it’s so unique. the lyrics answer to the four elements (earth, water, wind, fire) and bring together all the songs on the album as one. it’s arabesque, traditional, ethnic and japanese at the same time. shikata akiko is my favorite artist. so underrated…

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