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nyappily ever after. 24.11.

yesterday i went to get some advice about studying abroad but i was really disappointed cos the only place i could go to was berlin. but i asked my teacher and he contacted Lunds Universitet in Sweden for me! i was so happy!! this means that i can actually go to Sweden for a whole year! yahoo!!!!
but… only and only when i pass my macro-economics course from last year (>_<*) so i really have to do my best. but i’m so motivated and happy that i’ll study decently from now on. i’m gonna kick some keizaigaku-butt this year!



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お腹空いてるもん! 23.11.

finished school at 22:30, didn’t have any time to buy food and/or drinks and i don’t have anything at home. i’m so thirsty!
weiss is a unhappy boy. =[

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strawberry cake. 22.11.

life’s been pretty nice lately. i’m still enjoying the feeling of being on my own again. it feels so nice to be exempted from all the pressure and responsibility that comes with bound to someone. i went running again today and tomorrow i will too i think. i’ve finally-finally-finally received my contact lenses. the blue one is sort of dark and it makes my pupils look huge. i wish it was a little brighter though. the anime one is really cute but it keeps changing positions so sometimes the arches dont match directions and i look retarded xD also! i’m going to hp7 thursday (^^)/~~ can’t wait! and i need to stop skipping classes but it’s so booooriiiing.

nonetheless: life is good!

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. 20.11.

oh my god. i just watched the half blood prince again and i CANT get over the fact that dumbledore dies. WAY overdue but im going to see hp7 this week.

they should’ve taken harry instead.

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damn cold day. 15.11.

today was the lamest day ever. i had fun at school but then i lost my wallet. then i spent hours in the cold searching for it. kinda ruined my day. what’s worse is that i have some interpreting to do tomorrow and maybe i won’t even be able to cos i don’t have my id… we’ll see.


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